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Copy the Content

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Copy all the content you want to check whether the selected content is AI-generated or human-written.


Paste the Content in ZeroGPT

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Visit our ZeroGPT tool, paste your copied content into the text field, and tap the "Detect AI" button.


Check the AI

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ZeroGPT will show you the percentage of AI-generated and human-written content within seconds. Additionally, the final result will confirm whether the content has an AI touch or is manually written.

What is ZeroGPT?

ZeroGPT is a web-based ChatGPT Plagiarism Checker and any other AI Content Detecting tool. It helps professionals, students, bloggers, and other writers to detecting and removing AI-generated content.

It allows users to detect AI content generated by popular AI tools such as Google Bard, OpenAI Playground, Jasper AI, Bing AI, and ChatGPT/GPT4.

ZeroGPT analyzes your text through various algorithms and APIs in AI detection research.

Thankfully, it provides us with the AI probability score percentage.

As of today, ZeroGPT is available only for web browsers. You can access our tool through any web browser available on your device.

Install ZeroGPT Chrome Extension

Looking for its Chrome Extension?

Check the AI percentage score of a webpage copy right from your Google Chrome browser.

Simply, click the button below to Install ZeroGPT Extension to your Chrome Web Browser.

Install ZeroGPT Chrome Extension

Note:- Our developers are working hard to bring the ZeroGPT.tools Chrome Extension to be available in the Store. It will be available soon!

What Features does ZeroGPT Offers

Explore all the amazing features of ZeroGPT Detector from here

  • All-in-one AI Detector

  • ZeroGPT can be your destination when it comes to identifying the origin of AI-generated content. It not only works for ChatGPT but also for any other AI writing tools.

  • Faster AI Detection

  • Our tool pairs up with GPTZero technology to achieve faster results with the utmost accuracy.

  • Upload File/Document to Check AI

  • With GPTZero, you can upload content to the tool via a file or document instead of copying and pasting.

  • AI Content Detector With No Word Limit

  • This tool is the only service in the market with no restrictions on word limit. You can add or upload an unlimited number of words, characters, or paragraphs.

  • Free-to-Use

  • As mentioned earlier, ZeroGPT.tools is free. So, ZeroGPT does not require you to purchase credits, take subscriptions, or any other premium plans to use.

  • No Account is needed

  • You can access ZeroGPT without being a registered member. Anyone can visit our website and use our tool without the need for signup or login.

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Do You Have Quesions? We Answered!

How Accurate is ZeroGPT?

It can determine generative content from the text 3x faster than its competitors. ZeroGPT with an advanced AI detection model, you receive a 100% accuracy rate in finding AI within the added text.

Can I Install ZeroGPT on my PC?

The desktop version of GPTZero is not available; instead, try accessing the tool directly from the browser on the official website.

So, you do not need to install it separately; the web version can handle all your work.

Is ZeroGPT available on Playstore and App Store?

Unluckily, ZeroGPT can not be installed on your mobile or tablet from their respective stores currently.

Keep an eye on this space for great news, as our app version might be released on the Play Store and App Store very soon.

How Does ZeroGPT Work?

ZeroGPT is made to offer a variety of artificial intelligence programs that can be used to detect generative text produced by ChatGPT and similar AI generators.

It passed your text to our own pre-trained AI Plagiarism checker, which conducts a thorough scan of the content using extensive datasets.

The AI and human plagiarism percentages will be displayed for the given text once the checks are done.

Is this the best ChatGPT Plagiarism Checker?

AI Detectors are software that predicts AI plagiarism for cross-checking the text. To verify that sentences and paragraphs have a human writing touch, you should use tools like GPTzero.

Can I use ZeroGPT.tools to detect AI for essays?

Fortunately, the ZeroGPT tool can help you with essays.

Is ZeroGPT reliable?

ZeroGPT is a trustworthy source for deleting AI-like content. The team performs frequent tests on each update to assess the reliability of the product and plagiarism results for artificial content.

Is it safe?

ZeroGPT has scanned through all the major anti-virus software and found nothing suspicious, with zero malware. So, it is surely safe to use.

Does GPTZero analyze a batch of files?

Yes, the File uploader option is officially enabled. This free online ChatGPT Plagiarism checker allows you to upload documents and fix the AI plagiarism issues.

How effective is ZeroGPT?

With its updated techniques, unique feature set, simple user interface (GUI), and easy accessibility, we can positively say that ZeroGPT can work effectively.

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