Top 10 ZeroGPT Alternatives for Detecting AI Content 2024

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Are you looking for alternatives to the ZeroGPT tool? There are a few things to consider when researching its competitors, including accuracy and reliability.

We have provided a list of ZeroGPT alternatives that our reviewers voted the best considering the features, functionality, standards, and pricing while compiling this top 10 list. 

The featured alternative list includes tools like GPTZero, Undetectable, StealthWritter, BypassGPT, Originality.AI, etc.

Features of ZeroGPT

To understand feature differences, know ZeroGPT’s features first. 

  • Users can use the files to check the artificial content percentage. It supports PDF, Docx, CSV, and Excel files. 
  • ZeroGPT doesn’t ask users to sign up or log in.
  • Users can convert their AI content into Human-like content using ZeroGPT’s humanizer. (Coming Soon feature)
  • It detects the AI content for text in just a few seconds.
  • It provides tools and guides to bypass the AI detectors like our
  • It guarantees 99% accuracy for AI detection and 100% for AI humanization.
  • Chrome extension is available.
  • Unlimited checks are free.

Benefits of ZeroGPT

  • Simple AI detector for content with zero effort. 
  • It helps users identify the difference between original and plagiarized content. 
  • Drafting original content
  • Highlight AI plagiarised sentences. Easy to edit. 
  • Everything is automated, allowing you to save time and effort.
  • AI humanizes by transforming generative text into human-readable content.

10 Best ZeroGPT Alternatives Work as AI Detectors

Explore these options based on our experts’ data. Let’s review the top ten AI content detectors as alternative votes for ZeroGPT.

1. GPTZero

GPTZero-ZeroGPT-Alternative 1

GPTZero is a freemium AI tool that lets you find AI-generated content. This easy-to-use alternative for ZeroGPT also lets you deep scan with the latest algorithms. 

With GPTZero, you’ll find three detection sections in the dashboard: Deep Analysis, Source Scanning, and Histories. The first section allows you to conduct in-depth AI text analysis. In contrast, the next part conducts both plagiarism and AI copyright checks. Finally, the Document History feature authorizes you to manage reports by saving, deleting, sorting, and editing them.

Additionally, GPTZero offers a Chrome extension, so you don’t have to install software separately. Simply add the extension to your Chrome browser to access AI Detector.


  • Beginner-friendly web application with a simple interface.
  • Quick AI detection solutions.
  • Support multilingual.
  • GPZero’s writing editor assists users in modifying AI text into a human touch.
  • Plagiarism scans for originality and detects copied sources. 


  • Complete access to this toolkit requires a premium subscription. 

2. Originality AI

Originality AI - Zero Alternative 2

In the era of artificial intelligence, content creators want to produce unique content free from AI influence, maintaining 100% integrity.

Originality AI officially announces that its detectors have 99% accuracy in AI detection. Additionally, users can check text readability and plagiarism.

It helps prevent many sites from being penalized or recovering from Google’s latest core update, which is about AI content manipulation.

Originality.AI enables users to fully scan websites for AI content vulnerabilities, revealing the usage of AI-generated content in each webpage.


  • Originality.AI works with content generated by any AI model—ChatGPT, Gemini, Microsoft Copilot, Jasper, Claude, Llama, etc. 
  • More accurate than its competitors. 
  • In-built Fact checker tool.
  • Originality can detect paraphrased content too. 


  • No Freemium version.

3. Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI Image 3

Thanks to its advanced AI checker and Humanizer, Undetectable AI emerges as the leading competitor to ZeroGPT. This tool is a benchmark for all other detectors in the market.

With Undetectable AI, you can analyze text using various top AI detectors in one place. Your content will be compared simultaneously with different AI detectors such as GPTZero, Content At Scale, OpenAI, Crossflag, Copyleaks, Sapling, etc.

To transform your AI-plagiarized content into human-like text, Undetectable.AI offers a Humanize tool. This tool can replace AI-generated content with human-written text.


  • Crosscheck with multiple AI detectors. 
  • Both bloggers and writers can use the Undetectable AI tool to create search engine-friendly content. 
  • Seamless integrations with business solutions.
  • It is frequently updated with added functionalities and bug fixes. 
  • It checks upto 380000 words per month with regular plans. 


  • There is no dashboard for users to track your work.

4. Sapling AI

Sapling AI detector 4

Sapling AI Detector in the web browser is a great way to find whether user-input content is generated by AI or not. This web tool lets you create and share a certificate with AI results for your text. 


  • Sapling AI content detector works without signup.
  • Free.
  • It starts analyzing your text immediately after adding the text. No need to click on any buttons.
  • Easy to install and use Sapling’s Google Chrome extension.


  • A subscription is required to detect AI in longer sentences.

5. Scribbr Detector

Scribbr Detector AI Image 5

Scribbr’s AI detector is yet another free tool for fetching the AI percentage, and it can be used without being a registered user. Like other detection tools such as ZeroGPT, the algorithm and techniques have been regularly updated.

This AI detector is dedicated to free users, with no compromise on accuracy and functionality. 


  • Your content is absolutely private and safe with Scribbr. 
  • Analyze your text without restrictions and with unlimited tests.
  • You must not be a Scribbr member.
  • It offers other writing tools like summarizer, grammar checker, paraphrasing, and AI proofreader. 


  • It is still undergoing experimental testing for GPT-4 accuracy.

6. Quetext’s AI detector

QueText Image 6

Quetext is used by both bloggers and website authors alike to create articles with natural processing language. It helps users create SEO-friendly content without any AI text or plagiarism.

It promises a detailed line-by-line analysis and predicts AI text with high confidence. QuillBot can detect artificial text anywhere in the document file or user input text.

Quetext is highly restricted; you must have an account for it. The free version allows only 250 words, with separate packages available for the plagiarism checker.


  • Even if you’re new to the influence of GPT-4, Quetext makes it easy for beginners to separate the AI content at best practices.
  • Quetext’s AI Detector offers professional features to craft original human-made content.
  • It’s a perfect ZeroGPT alternative for Copywriters, SEO enthusiasts, and PR distributors. 


  • The free version has only a 250-word limit. You have to subscribe once you consume 250 words. 

7. QuillBot’s AI Detector

Quillbot AI detector Image 7

Popular among paraphrasers, grammar checkers, and summarizers, Quilbot allows users to check and delete AI-generated text. This writing assistance tool is available in Chrome, MacOS, Word, Windows, and Android. 

Enables the creation of accurate citations for webpages, journal articles, videos, images, and more.

It has a variety of writing tools, including Quillbot Flow, Translator, and plagiarism checker. 


  • Free.
  • Quick customer support.
  • No credit is required to sign up.
  • Quillbot’s detector is one of the tools, like ZeroGPT, that offers cutting-edge AI technology.
  • You can add this tool to your mobile keyboard.
  • It can check for documents too. 


  • Although its AI checker shows the percentage of AI, it fails to highlight the affected text.

8. Turnitin

Turnitin Detector Image 8

Like the other detectors profiled here, Turnitin is an AI checker strictly for educational departments. It can be a ZeroGPT alternative for students, professors, mentors, etc. 

The key difference is Turnitin can’t be available unless it’s an educational institute. Major colleges, schools, and institutes have already pre-installed this software. 


  • Automated AI checker.
  • I can check for AI content in bulk assignments.
  • Turnitin can do so with more integrity if you need to complete homework and check AI quickly.  


  • It is only available for some.
  • The AI detection process relies entirely on the work you submit. So if you need an AI check before submitting, make sure to process it.

9. Copyleaks AI detector

CopyLeaks AI detector Image 9

Professional-level AI detection, detection of AI across multiple languages, and scheduling scans in one enhanced mode are what make Copyleaks AI detectors special.

Copyleaks has been a suitable alternative to ZeroGPT, allowing for both AI and plagiarism scans at the same time.


  • You can try Copyleaks for Free with basic mode.
  • It has a well-developed version that serves as an all-in-one AI solution tool.
  • They are offering a demo version where you can access all the features included in the premium version.
  • It covers all AI models with 99% accuracy.
  • It can detect AI in the code as well – Codeleaks.


  • We should use the credits precisely because they are too expensive.

10. Winston AI

Winston AI detector Image

Winston AI has been a go-to AI-checking service for many web users. When you enter the text or upload a document into Winston AI’s detection tool, it will display the human percentage and flag all AI-generated text in red.

In the Winston AI dashboard, you can work with AI detection, a plagiarism checker, and a readability score. 

Additionally, there is an AI prediction map option that provides detailed analysis with red flags (indicating likely AI-generated content) and yellow flags (indicating possibly AI-generated content).


  • Users can generate reports and share them with clients.
  • Chrome extension is available.
  • Freemium service.
  • You’ll be able to scan photos and handwritten papers.
  • You can quickly scan multiple project files.


  • You can’t add credits for extra usage; upgrading to the respective plan is necessary for scanning additional words.

What is the Best ZeroGPT Alternative to Extract AI Text

As of now, the above-mentioned alternatives are the top services from different perspectives. If you need the best alternative, first, you have to know your requirements, whether you need accuracy, ad-free service, free options, or compatibility. 

If you’re an SEO expert looking for AI-free or plagiarism-free articles, Originality is your go-to option. For a free alternative meeting the same criteria, consider Scribbr.

If you want an AI detector through a Chrome extension or software, then Quillbot is perfect, tailored to your requirements. Please select the right detector or explore multiple options according to your preferences.